Richard Glen Lett


"Jack" / Co-Creator / Producer

Richard Glen Lett is an acclaimed actor, writer, director, comedian and slam poet. He regularly headlines Yuk Yuks comedy clubs, has appeared in episodes of “Supernatural” and “Dark Angel”, voiced videogame trailers and his alter-ego Optimus Rhyme has recently been crowned 2013 Toronto Poetry Slam Grand Champion.

You can see a few of his things here.

Craig Macnaughton


Writer / Director / Co-Creator / Producer

Craig Macnaughton has been making short films steadily since high school. Screenings include Just for Laughs, The Comedy Network and The Sundance Film Festival, as well as a winner of the CBC Comedy Shorts Contest (2006), the 3rd Online Short Film Festival and was nominated for the 2004 Budweiser Filmmaker Discovery Award and featured in Vanity Fair.

Past projects include the anthology lo-fi sci-fi feature film “Infest Wisely,” where he was one of seven directors (plus co-producer and post-production coordinator), and as a founding memeber of the video comedy troupe All Day Breakfast.

Recently he has written and directed the short film “Come Here Go Away” (2011) with the assistance of Filmcoop Toronto, and is developing a black comedy/horror feature film about growing chicken meat in-vitro. Also a trained visual and multimedia artist and screenwriter, Craig brings his love of the process to any project he collaborates on.

Adrian Ellis



Adrian is an award winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who studied in Canada and Germany. He is best known for his theme and music package for Discovery Canada’s flagship show, Daily Planet and his award winning score the Canadian Screen Award nominated web series Out With Dad. He has produced everything from solo artists to live orchestral scores, and appears on numerous recordings and live performances as a musician, arranger, and producer.

You can hear some of Adrian’s work on his website.

Matthew Stein


Director of Photography

Andrew McArthur


Sound Mix

Andrew McArthur is an aspiring post-audio mixer and location sound recordist based in Belfast, Ireland. With years of experience working in music, he's decided that working with audio in film is the direction he would like to take his career, "Pay Up" is one of his first ventures into post-production audio.

Blair Slater


Sound Recordist

Kristina Agosti



Kristina Agosti recently moved to Toronto from Vancouver where she worked as an actor, stand up comic, writer and an award winning improviser. She also recently cast the Canadian indie feature “Locked in a Garage Band.” Her favourite roles include: Chick in her critically acclaimed one woman show “Chicks Up Front” (Women in View, Station Street), Laura in “Velocity” (Persephone Saskatoon), The Cat in “The Cat Who Ate Her Husband” (Ruby Slippers), Nurse Gail in “Gone” (Lifetime), Jessica in the latest “American Pie” feature and Stacy Smith in the Canadian indie hit “The Sunflower Hour”.

She plays the character of Lisa in episode one, "The Deal."

James Kirchner



James Kirchner has been a professional actor for over 25 years. He has performed on stage from Vancouver to Corner Brook. Some of his film and television credits include “Skinwalkers”; “A Raisin in the Sun”; “Silent Hill 2”; “Cinderella Man”; “Hairspray”; “eXistenZ”; “Millennium”; “This Is Wonderland”; “The Man Who Saved Christmas”; “Ace Lighting”; “Due South”; “Queer As Folk” and “Murdoch Mysteries”. James is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada.

In episode two, "It Won't Start", Jim plays Hugo.

Jason Weinberg



Jason is a working actor in both in Canada and United States. Highlights include: Series Lead on Ken Finkleman’s HBO Canada comedy series “Good Dog and Good God,” “The Sopranos,” “Law and Order,” “NYPD Blue,” “Rookie Blue,” “Casino Jack,” “Red” and “Brainwashed” (History Channel). Most recently completed a pilot for ABC/Amblin called “Lucky 7″.

Jason plays Jack’s boss George.

Jeanie Calleja



Jeanie’s career highlights include playing Martin Short’s straightwoman in the teen flick “Get Over It” (Miramax); being nominated for a Canadian Comedy award for her work on “Our Hero” (CBC); being in the final season of “Slings and Arrows” (TMN/Showcase); and finally, performing in the Dora-nominated play “Pond Life”, which was written and directed by the father of her children, Gord Rand. She was a member of Toronto’s first all-girl sketch comedy troupe The GTOs and can still be found onstage doing stand-up comedy.

Jeanie takes on the role of Kassie in episode six, "Did You Get It?"

Zoe Cleland



Zoe Cleland is a Toronto-based actor. She is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada class of 2012.

Selected film credits: “Guidance”, “Dangerous Persuasions”, “Murdoch Mysteries”, “The Jon Dore Show”, “Abeer: The Fragrance of Flowers”. Stage credits include Irina in “Three Sisters”, the Fool in “King Lear”, Abigail Williams in “The Crucible”, Mary Snow in “Salt-Water Moon”.

Zoe plays Shawna in episode five, "Half By Friday."

Ash Catherwood



Ash Catherwood was born in the wilds of the Boreal forest. In his early days, he learned how to karate chop a bear, and how to beat the Sasquatch at his own game. In recent years, he has been acting his butt off for the betterment of humanity. He is drawn to the unique and bizarre in plotlines and characterizations, and has the ability to bring a sense of reality to the fantastical. He is happy to have found a balance between the comedic and the dramatic in his performance style. Ash lives and works out of Toronto, Canada.

You can find out more about Ash and his various projects at his official website.

Ash plays Mitch from episode three, "Put Him On."

Carl Bauer



Carl Bauer is an experienced film and television actor who appears in a principal role in the Digital Canaries feature film production of “There is No Undo”, as well as dozens of film and television appearances including; a recurring role in the Syfy series “Defiance” and appearances in “Flashpoint”, “Suits”, “Breakout Kings” and more.

He recently produced the short film "Nine Types of Ice" which screened at The Montreal World Film Festival.

He plays Chad in episode three, "Put Him On."

Frank MacLeod



Frank MacLeod was born in New Waterford, N.S. in 1951. He is a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University. He has done stage, TV, radio, film, dinner theatre, children’s theatre and musicals. He was recently in his own short film, “Dream Girl.” Frank is very excited to be a part of “Pay Up.”

Frank plays Oliver in episode four, "Call Me Anytime."