Jack thinks he's pretty good at his job as a debt collector, but everyone he calls would disagree.

Now, after years of phoning up con artists, compulsive liars and shut-ins, the mistakes of his own past have finally caught up to him.

“Pay Up” is a new six-part web series created by Lee Broker, Richard Glen Lett and Craig Macnaughton. It tells the ridiculous story of Jack, a debt collector who struggles to get control of his job, his “clients” and his life.

“Pay Up”also features a fantastic collection of actors that include Jason Wineberg (Ken Finkleman’s HBO Canada comedy series “Good God”), Carl Bauer (“Defiance”), Zoe Cleland (“The Jon Dore Television Show”), Ash Catherwood (“Microwave Porn“), Frank MacLeod, James Kirchner, and Kristina Agosti.

Adrian Ellis


Check out composer Adrian Ellis's blog for his thoughts on music composition and production, filmmaking, and creativity. Insightful videos, tips and musings on the creative process.

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Space Chums


The Space Chums rock the stratosphere with crazy-catchy and hilarious songs about their adventures in space and the wonders of discovering planet earth. Music for kids and child-like adults, their tune "Beedle Be-Bop" appears in epsiode 4, "It Won't Start".

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Armand Cousineau, Stratcom, Kevin Rees, Heather Lash, Robert Lyn, Caleb Gilman, Caroline Cook, Rachel Melis, Sean McLaughlon, Jenessa Grant, Filmcoop TO, Brennan Moore, Barbara Larose and ACTRA Toronto and The Toronto Web Series Community.

This film was produced with the generous support of ACTRA Toronto