We shot all six episodes of "Pay Up" over three and a half days in mid-May, 2013. We only had crew of three people:

Director of photography Matthew Stein, sound recordist Blair Slater and co-creator, writer / director / co-creator / producer / production assistant Craig Macnaughton. Luckily we were very organized, thanks to Craig's years of no-budget filmmaking experience, as well as Matt and Blair's easy-going professionalism.

There were 34 pages of script to get through, 10 locations and nine actors, and no real budget to speak of. We used Matt's Canon Rebel T3i and rented a Canon lens kit - an EF24mm f1.4L II, EF35mm f1.4L, EF50mm f1.2L and an EF85mm f1.2L.

For audio we used Craig's Audio-Technica AT835b shotgun microphone, a rented Sennheiser EW112p G3 lav set and Blairs Zoom H4 digital recorder. And we also rented an LED panel. And an Autoshare car. But that's about it. Series lead / co-creator / producer Richard Lett was the on-set photographer when he wasn't in front of the main camera, and co-creator / producer Lee Broker appeared occasionally to "do what he does."

Here are some choice pics from those crazy couple of days: